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1. Don’t cross the road on a red light …


2. You ….. eat much sugar, it is very harmful for your hearth.


3. You don’t need to hurry up …


4. Has he read the book?


5. Is your house far from here?


6. Could you please tell me the way to the nearest bus stop?


7. What have you learnt today?


8. Don’t smoke here …..


9. Can you help me please?


10. Look, …..


11. If you call me in the morning …


12. I have not seen them …


13. Who is that man in a black hat?


14. Where were you born?


15. Would you like to try this dress on?


16. Have you ever …


17. May I come it please?


18. Let’s go to the cinema tomorrow.


19. Which question is correct?


20. Which question is correct?


21. You are from Germany, ….


22. Which question is correct?


23. Have they finished the course yet?


24. It is …. city I have ever seen.


25. You should eat more vegetables ….


26. Which question is correct?


27. Are there many people in the cafe now?


28. Shall I close the window?


29. Don’t come too early …


30. Which question is correct?