For companies and individuals who value their time and want to learn English effectively for professional purposes

Most adults need to learn English for WORK, but unfortunately, language schools usually offer English courses where you do grammar exercises and talk about general topics, which are unlikely to help you at the workplace.

We offer a smart solution – learn and practice the real English you hear and use at work!

Why Business English?


Grammar, vocabulary, topics and course materials are selected based on the most common business situations.


The course curriculum is adjusted to our students’ needs and goals.


Our courses are available online and in person.


You won’t be wasting your time doing grammar exercises.

Instead, you’ll be practicing new language in the tasks imitating real-life situations such as business meetings or business correspondence.

For Whom?

  • If you urgently need English at your current job,
  • If you want to improve your career perspectives,
  • If you want to build a career in an international company

Join one of our Business English courses!

Why IATELS Language Academy?


We work to bring together business and education, enhancing international work and collaboration.

In our international team of the language trainers and business consultants, we work to share our expertise and knowledge to help individuals and organizations do business in English successfully, reaching international markets and customers.

We work to help our students not only to improve their English communicative skills, but also to enhance their knowledge about business culture and effective business communication.


Our English trainers are highly-motivated professionals with extensive work experience in a variety of language schools and universities in Turkey and abroad (USA, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Albania and many others).


The reliability and quality of our English programs have been confirmed by individual students, educational and business organisations from different countries of the world.

Collaborating with a big number of schools, industrial establishments, universities and social communities has helped our team to sharpen their skills and competences in training students of different ages and cultural backgrounds.

We know what our students need for enhancing their English communicative skills, following the latest approaches and techniques in teaching English, psychology of learning and international relations.

The biggest reward for our work and efforts is seeing our students’ success in their education and professional areas as well as staying in touch with them for more training and support.

Gaining a truly international recognition, we maintain long-lasting collaborative ties with our students, partners and colleagues from more than 20 countries.