Business English Intermediate is the next step in exploring Business English and developing your skills in business communication.

Duration of the Course

72 academic hours* (3 months)

2 times a week, 1 lesson – 3 academic hours

Mode: online/ in person

Materials: Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition, extra resources, self-made worksheets and handouts

Requirements: This course is suitable for Intermediate learners of English.

Before being placed in a course, you will be asked to take a test to determine your language level.


At the end of Business English Intermediate 1 course you will be able to:

–         Understand authentic business articles and interviews with experts;

–         Discuss a wide range of abstract and concrete topics (brands, travel, changes, finance and economy, advertising, company structure, success etc.)

–         Introduce yourself and your company as well as build your professional networks;

–         Make phone calls;

–         Actively participate in business meetings and manage communication;

–         Successfully negotiate;

–         Take notes in a meeting;

–         Describe trends (graphs, charts, diagrams);

–         Prepare and deliver presentations;

–         Improve business correspondence skills.

Course Topics

·      Brands,

·      Travel,

·      Changes,

·      Organisation,

·      Advertising,

·      Finance and economy.