We are inviting English teachers and managers for collaboration and partnership!

Become an English Teacher at IATELS

We offer opportunities to work with English IATELS as online English teachers.

Candidate English teachers are expected to have educational background in teaching English as a foreign language or related fields. Experience of teaching online and skills of using technologies for online teaching are prioritised.

We are looking for enthusiasm, reliability, professionalism, creativity, leadership, and eagerness to become a course leader and a manager, a teaching material author and designer.

If you are open for new experiences and ready to take up responsibilities for teaching, interaction with the students and learning outcomes, please apply with your CV and a picture to english.iatels@gmail.com

Become IATELS Partner

We are inviting managers, language school principals, leaders of businesses and organisations, and individuals to join our team on the terms of Partnership with opening a franchise of English IATELS in your region.

Please contact us by mailing to english.iatels@gmail.com with a letter of intention to discuss the details of the collaboration and partnership.

We are open to consider all offers and flexible to find mutually agreeable solutions!

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