English IATELS Academy was established in 2018 as international educational platform for providing educational support and services in English for different group of learners worldwide.

Since that time, there have been a number of original English programs and courses developed and delivered to the students from different countries.

Our learners from Europe, Middle and Far East, American continents and Africa have been participating in our programs and courses, meeting our international English experts and trainers as well as communicating with their peers from other countries.

Driven by natural curiosity to find out more, our students learn from each other about new cultures, countries, languages, work and create together.

Our English experts work to create a space to facilitate and encourage English communication, creativity and self-confidence.

Our Courses and Programs

We offer a wide and flexible range of courses to meet educational and professional needs of our students.

Whatever your age, your English level or your aims, you can find a suitable course here.

Among the courses are:

  • English Education A1 – A2 – B1 – B2 – C1 levels;
  • Business English;
  • Academic English;
  • English for TOEFL / IELTS;
  • English for Young Learners;
  • English speaking courses;
  • English writing;
  • Technical English;
  • Methods of Teaching English;
  • English in Education;
  • English and Science (Young learners and high school students);
  • All About People (English Communication for young learners and high school students);
  • Enhancing English Speaking Skills in Profession (For English teachers)

We develop specialised courses according to the learning needs of our students, taking into account their age, cultural and educational background.

Our experts design and implement creative educational projects for schools and institutions to enhance students’ English skills together with their creativity, cultural awareness, ICT skills, enhancing their self-confidence and social skills of interaction in a multicultural group.

Our English language experts and trainers

English IATELS Academy embraces highly professional English teachers, English language experts and trainers from different countries to assure high quality of teaching and English speaking environment at the classes.

Our teachers have wide experience of work with different groups and learners, empowered with sufficient technical skills to conduct teaching online and knowledge of psychology to assure the most affective ways of learning and teaching techniques to encourage communication in English.

How do We Teach English at IATELS?

  • We apply a variety of teaching techniques because different students learn in different ways, moreover a variety of learning experience develops practical skills much more better.
  • We offer students to work in pairs and in groups in order to expose them to different English speakers and, therefore, to make them feel more confident in using the language in the real-life situations.
  • We use teaching materials created by our teachers and shaped to the learning needs of our students.
  • We integrate technology into our courses to enhance communicative skills, critical thinking and digital literacy.  
  • We believe that learning a language is a creative process, therefore, we encourage our students to be creative and brave in finding learning solutions and shaping effective communicative strategies in English.
  • We guide our students to high quality online content and digital resources to make the way straight to achieving their learning and professional aims.
  • We expect our students to be active contributors to the learning process in order to achieve success together.
  • Success of our students is our success, therefore, we are here to provide all support to bring you to your desired destination!

English Courses Overview

Title of the Course Duration of the Course Amount of Hours per Week
General English Courses

General English Level A 1 2 months 8 hours per week
General English Level A 2 2 months 8 hours per week
General English Level B 1 2 months 8 hours per week
General English Level B 2 3 months 8 hours per week
General English Level C 1 3 months 8 hours per week
Business English Courses

Business Intensive 2 months 8 hours per week
Business Supplementary 4 months 4 hours per week
English for Business and Entrepreneurship 3 months 4 hours per week
Academic English Courses

English for Academic Purposes 3 months 4 hours per week
English for Science, Technology and Engineering 3 months 4 hours per week
Exam Preparation Courses

IELTS Preparation Course 2 months 6 hours per week
TOEFL Preparation Course 2 months 6 hours per week
English for Young Learners

English for Young Learners 9 months 4 hours per week

The duration of the courses and the amount of the hours vary depending on the learning needs of the students.