Our administrators and staff are comprised of dedicated professionals who come from a variety of diverse, international, and educational backgrounds.

Our team of administrators and instructors have experience in English language instruction, Program Development, Business Management, Recruiting, Administrative, and Student Services fields which enable them to serve students, our partners, and greater international community of English IATELS.

Our Leadership Team focuses on the program development and ensures that our courses provide the highest quality content using the most up-to-date innovations in language teaching methodology.

Our committed staff strive to deliver quality assistance and support to all prospective, new, and current students.

Our administration and instructors care about the success of each individual student and are dedicated to providing the best support and experience for all students throughout the time of their learning with English IATELS and after finishing the courses providing them with friendly consultancy and support.


Prof. Dr. Iryna Sekret, English IATELS Academy Coordinator

PhD in Educational Psychology and Foreign Language Education, Professor in Education Studies. Prof. Dr. Iryna Sekret has been teaching English to different groups of students and lecturing in universities on Methods of Teaching English and Linguistics for more than ten years. She is a member of a number of academic committees for organising conferences, reviewing boards of journals and conference proceedings. With more than five years experience in e-learning and online tutoring she has been delivering courses on Online Pedagogy and English. Prof. Dr. Iryna Sekret is an expert in e-learning, educational technologies, contrastive linguistics, methods of teaching foreign languages, social media in learning, translation studies.


Professor Reuben Musgrave, Consultant, Tutor

Reuben Musgrave is a communication professional with more than 30 years of experience in teaching a variety of English courses, writing and editing, and speechwriting for several employers, including the National Geographic Society and the White House. His teaching experience includes courses in English and American literature, grammar, Honors English composition, Remedial English, and English as a Second Language. He has held teaching positions at the University of Maryland (both the undergraduate school and in the adult education division, University College of the University of Maryland); Virginia Commonwealth University; and Norfolk State University. He offers individualized instruction that is tailored to fit specific students with a specified level of skills. He enjoys the personal fulfillment of helping English learners improve their mastery of grammar, speaking, and writing.


Doc. Peter Williams, Program Examiner

Peter Williams is a Post-doctoral Research Associate, based in the Department of Information Studies at University College London, UK. He is currently working on the MIRRA+: Memory – Identity – Rights in Records – Access (phase two) project. Prior to this he completed a three year full-time Post-doc Fellowship from the British Academy, entitled ‘Digital Lives’,  investigating the role of ‘digital technology’ in the lives of of people with learning disabilities. This culminated a long period of researching the use and value of Information Technology (in particular, the Internet) by people with learning disabilities. He completed his PhD in this area in 2013. In addition to his learning disabilities work, Pete has investigated the use of the Internet and other ICT applications in the fields of education, health, scholarly communication/research, and the news media. 


Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar, IATELS Coordinator in India

Prof. Parasar is Commonwealth Academic Fellow. She is CMI Level V Management & Leadership Trainer (United Kingdom), Ph.D., MBA, M.Sc. Anthropology (Gold Medal), M.A. Sociology.

Prof. Anuradha Parasar’s work experience spans over 25 plus years in academia and academic administration.  She is one of the founding Faculty member for various Universities. 

Dr Parasar has extensive research contribution through books, Self – Learning Materials, Policy Handbooks, Research papers, Edited book and Case Studies.

Since 2010 Prof. Parasar has run successfully various campaign and movements for creating awareness about social problems & issues.


Dr. Hui-Wen, English IATELS Coordinator in China

Hui-Wen Huang, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at the Fujian University of Technology, China; M.A. in TESOL and M.S. in learning technologies and design from Taiwan and U.S., respectively. Dr. Huang received her Ph.D. in Education from the University of Idaho, USA. Her research interests focus on technology-enhanced language learning, flipped online learning, novel technologies for effective teaching and student assessment, affective factors in cross-cultural online classrooms.


Monica Gill, English Language Instructor

Monica Gill, M. Sc. in Applied Linguistics, graduated from Fine Arts and English Literature in Quaid-e-Azam University of Islamabad. She is an eloquent speaker, skilful in giving presentations and demonstrates strong interpersonal skills, especially valuable for teaching English in groups. She has been teaching in different women’s institutions, participating in a number of the projects for underprivileged youth.


Mailes C. Zulu, English Language Instructor

Mailes C. Zulu is a native English speaker and a holder of a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences. She has had the opportunity to teach diverse groups of students from kids to adults. 
She is a passionate English language tutor who approaches her work with creativity and productivity. Fuelled with a passion to make sure every student that passes through her hands learn and speak English, she has gone a step further to be a content developer and designer giving resourceful and helpful teaching materials, ideas and games for both teachers and students that instil love for learning and appreciating English among the students.


Mr John Stephen Mckee, English Language Instructor

Mr John Stephen Mckee, MA TESOL with Applied Linguistics, teaches English to technical students aspiring to Engineering Courses. This includes IELTS preparation and report writing. He also teaches General English at high school and college level, Business English to employees at companies in different countries of Far and Middle East. Mr John Stephen Mckee has a passion for online teaching, focuses on designing courses and implementing new activities in online learning environment. He seeks for a range of activities to make online learning more interesting and informative.


Salim Saidy, English Language Instructor

Salim Saidy, Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, teaches English to the students of different ages, with special devotion to young learners and teaching English to kids. He is a passionate English language trainer, a content developer and designer of teaching materials and games, adjustable for the students of different ages. Salim Saidy has been participating in a number of educational projects on training students to communicate English effectively.


Sebastian Holmes, English Instructor

Sebastian is an enthusiastic and energetic English language instructor who has been working with different groups of students in school, camps and business organisations. He is resourceful and innovative, looking for effective and exciting ways to teach English to keep the students interested and highly motivated.