As it is known IELTS is a widely recognised test of English language proficiency for educational and professional purposes. The scores of IELTS test are especially important for those students who wish to go to university in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

IELTS preparation course is designed to equip our students with English skills and strategies, necessary for taking the IELTS exam and getting higher scores.

In this course we use the teaching materials and apply strategies aimed to develop skills of dealing with IELTS exam assignments and pass the exam successfully with the maximum satisfying results. Students practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in a way to be prepared for the examination properly.

The course is primarily useful for those who wishes to:

  • Improve English skills and gain an internationally recognised English language qualification;
  • Prepare to enter a university in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada;
  • Apply for a work visa for a country which accepts an IELTS score as proof of the English language proficiency;
  • Enhance their CV and improve their chances for academic and professional career.

The starting level of English required to be enrolled in the course is at least B1.

Course duration: 3 months, 6 hours per week