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1. What is your father?


2. Which word pair is odd?


3. What time is it now?


4. When is your birthday?


5. Where do you live?


6. Which sentence is not true?


7. Do you like coffee?


8. Which sentence is not true?


9. Do you have brothers or sisters?


10. Let’s go to the cinema.


11. Which word pair is odd?


12. What is your favourite colour?


13. Which question is correct?


14. Which word is odd?


15. When do you wake up?


16. Are you British?


17. Where does your brother study?


18. What is your name?


19. Are you married?


20. Would you like a cup of tea?


21. How old are you?


22. Which word is odd?


23. Where does your sister live?


24. Where is your family now?


25. The weather is nice today, isn’t it?


26. Do you go to work by bus or by tram?


27. Which question is correct?


28. Does your sister have any children?


29. Which phrase is not logical?


30. Are there any shops on this street?